Aerospace & Underseas

FAA airworthiness certification together with weight limitations make the use of GMT carbon composites especially attractive for aircraft components, such as galley architecture and shower enclosures. Strength, stiffness and saltwater tolerance give the same materials great practicality at sea and undersea for oceanographic equipment.

Undersea Vehicles
GMT has worked with government agencies and major defense contractors on a range of towed and free swimming vehicles. Projects have included fairing covers for submarine masts, parts for mini-subs and foils for towed vehicles. Perhaps the most intriguing project was for Draper Laboratories. They were investigating an alternate propulsion system based on the way fish swim. GMT provided the fish body which was very accurately modeled after the body of a tuna fish. Draper developed a very sophisticated tail, actuator and electronic control system to mate with this body. The hope is that the work will result in a highly energy efficient means of propelling underwater vehicles.

Radio Telescope Array
Most often, carbon is used because it is light and stiff. In this major project, composites had to satisfy far different requirements. After a competitive bid, GMT was chosen to work with the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO). GMT engineered and tested laminates that had to expand and contract with temperature within very narrow bands. We then produced the hub assemblies that anchored the antenna grid and the quadruped that was used to support the instruments at the focus of the antenna. GMT was sited by SAO as the best outside contractor working on this program.

Composite Showers
GMT custom builds lightweight composite showers for the custom aircraft industry. These complex structures not only have to be light, durable and aesthetically perfect, but they also have to pass exacting standards imposed by the FAA. Typically made in two pieces for ease of installation in the aircraft, the showers are built with flame retardant resins and paint systems. The basic structure is two skins of vacuum bagged glass over a Nomex honeycomb core. GMT carefully installs all components and provides all required testing for FAA compliance.

Showers have been installed on BBJ’s, 767, 757, 747, 737, DC10 and Gulfstream aircraft.

No matter what shape, size or details you require, GMT can build a shower that will enhance any interior arrangement.

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