Folding Carbon Swim Ladder


BRISTOL, RI... Another first for custom carbon fiber builder GMT Composites! When challenged to provide a strong yet light and easily deployable swim ladder for a family's custom 90 ft. ketch, GMT was equal to the task . The yacht, under construction at Rockport, ME will feature a unique lifting deck and transom section to which the carbon swim ladder is affixed. The yacht's project manager chose GMT to build the deck/transom section after GMT built a carbon passerelle for the boat. The ladder was requested by family members as a lightweight and attractive alternative to commercially available metal swim ladders.

The ladder's vertical supports are tubes made from uni-directional and bi-axial twill carbon fiber pre-preg. The treads are teak and carbon laminates. End caps, hinges and dogs are stainless steel. The ladder is finished in clear polyurethane for protection and a high lustre. The six foot ladder weighs in at a mere 12 lbs. Carbon ladders are built to an owner's requirements, so costs vary for each job.

GMT Composites has been building custom carbon components since 1984. In 1991 GMT built the first ever carbon furling masts for cruising sailboats.