GMT to build custom SeaStairs for Nordlund 106' Long Range Cruiser

Nordlund Yachts in Tacoma, WA came to GMT when they realized an “off the shelf” boarding solution would not satisfy their client. They wanted a set of SeaStairs that offered several design specifications not readily available on the market. They needed the stairs to provide multiple mounting angles, a landing platform option, and to be light w/ a maximum storage height of 4.5”.

GMT submitted designs to construct a set of carbon fiber sea stairs with eight articulating steps. The lower step will have caster wheels to ride on the pier. The stairs were designed for perpendicular mounting on the either side of the boat. There is also a trapezoidal platform that will mount to the hull along any of three sides with an extension platform that can mount to the side of this platform to increase platform area. These platforms will float. The stair assembly will mount to the platform so that the stairs can be deployed at three defined angles to the hull (15°, 20°, or 55°), depending on the orientation of the platform. When attached directly to the hull, the stairs shall project 90° from the deck edge.

The owner had also requested an innovative low profile hull attachment assembly - something similar to what he had seen used in smaller scale. GMT was able to fabricate a custom stainless steel “V” mounted hardware to the boat that is both low profile and extremely secure.

SeaStairs are a great application of our carbon know-how. It keeps the stairs light, stiff, and strong for easy handling and secure boarding. They are finished in AwlGrip to match the vessel and keep them highly corrosion resistant. Treads can be non-skid, or finished in teak.

We enjoy the diversity at GMT and working with all different types of builders and customers. Let us know if you have any project needs.

106-Nordlund-shallow-draft.pdf1.94 MB