GMT Celebrates 25 Successful Years 1984-2009


Date: 23 July 2009 - for immediate, unrestricted release Media contact: Jay Kiley (401.253.8802):


Bristol, RI (USA) -- GMT Composites, specialists in carbon composite structures, was nearly too busy to stop and celebrate the occasion of their twenty-fifth anniversary in June. GMT has been a pioneer in the use of lightweight carbon composites since 1984 and has stood at the forefront of their application in marine and commercial usage ever since. 2008 was GMT’s second most profitable year in its history, and the pace has continued in 2009. So, the Company “raised a glass” at the end of the month to mark their anniversary … and then returned to work, building some of the finest carbon appendages and components for yachts, planes, submarines, soldiers and even robots.
Initially, GMT was best known in recreational boating and is widely credited with being the first supplier of carbon spars for large cruising yachts (carbon was prohibited under most racing rules at that time). Since 1991, GMT carbon spars have been used on cruising as well as racing boats worldwide, including single-handed around-the-world competitors.
The need for lighter, stronger, stiffer construction is not exclusive to sailing. The record of GMT success with spars and other sail and powerboat applications, however, helped spread the word about GMT reliability and engineering. That helped GMT broaden its customer base to include medical, scientific, military and industrial markets.
Having built individual masts and booms, GMT has been accustomed to short-run projects as limited in quantity as building one-offs. The company has often been contracted to engineer and construct prototypes. Along with a superb record of customer satisfaction, this has led to numerous follow-on commissions, extensions into longer production runs and many referrals.
Among GMT’s current carbon composite projects are battlefield “camera” tubes, silicon wafer-handling pallets, PowerFurl booms, a megayacht arch structure, hull fairings for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV’s), and various masts, bowsprits, poles and rudders. GMT Composites today remains busy, productive and successful, just as it has been for the past 25 years.
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