High Performance Yacht: GMT rig bound for Brazil

With the resounding success of working together on the arch for the 125' superyacht Calliope, Langan Design Partners has once again turned to GMT - but for a carbon rig this time.

Langan has been commissioned by a Brazilian client to design a 55' high performance yacht. She will suit the owner's desire for a very fast, yet manageable day boat for some racing, but also for fun and fast sailing with friends. The boat will have a canting keel, hi-tech construction, and a GMT carbon mast and boom.

The rig will be built in Bristol RI, and shipped to the yard in Brazil where the boat is being built. It will be one of two rigs currently being built at GMT that are bound for Brazil. Langan Design Partner Sam Howell commented on their previous experience with GMT in which the project was highly complex and challenging, “GMT delivered on time and to spec. They more than met our expectations”.

It is great working with a local design firm of Langan's caliber on both domestic and international projects. This project is an interesting mix of performance and quality, yet with out the no-holds-barred approach of a syndicated racing program. It will be built directly with the owners input who wants to balance quality, performance, and budget. It’s a combination that fits right in with GMT’s over-all goals.

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