Aiming Precision Through Carbon Technology

GMT continues to work with the US military and its contractors. Recently GMT has been in discussions with a military systems provider to build critical pieces for their new Ground/Air Task Order Radar (G/ATOR). These units are designed to fuse two previous programs into one, the Multi-Role Radar System and the Ground Weapons Locator Radar.

G/ATOR is a highly mobile system intended to fully support the US Marine Corps’ warfare requirements. This new system will allow the Marines to detect, track and provide target quality data to engage hostile aircraft, cruise missiles, rockets, mortars and artillery. G/ATOR will also provide robust air traffic control capabilities to enhance the safety of Marine Corps air operations.

GMT’s proven record in building components to extremely precise specifications comes into play here as tolerances are measured down to .005 of an inch. Under battlefield conditions, the carbon supports for the radar array must be strong, lightweight, vibration resistant and dimensionally precise: our kind of requirements.

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