GMT Passerelles make going aboard easier, safer and nicer

GMT Passerelles have graced both sail and motor yachts from 50 to 250 feet. Just as each yacht is different, so too are the carbon fiber passerelles GMT has designed and built for them.

Each is engineered to be as light as possible, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and strong enough to safely get guests and crew both on and off the yacht. We design and build for simplicity and ease of use as well as to reflect the special tastes and preferences of each owner.

GMT Passerelles can as short or long as you require, a mere couple steps off the swim platform to the dock or in telescoping sections to reach out to distant quays or piers: GMT has built folding and extendable passerelles to nearly thirty feet.

There are four basic types of GMT Passerelles:

• Sectional (in custom lengths that easily come apart for storage)
• Bi-Fold (which hinge to fold in half for easy, compact storage)
• Telescoping (with manual, electric or hydraulic retraction and deployment of two or three piece systems)
• Single Plank (the simplest gangway and fastest for deployment)
GMT gives you a range of choices for decking:
• Teak Grate (very traditional, but at more weight)
• Painted Composite with non-skid, your choice of color (this is the lightest solution)
• Composite with teak treads
• Teak Decking

Handrails can be included in either polished stainless or aluminum and equipped with yacht braid handlines in a variety of colors. These rails provide both enhanced safety and a finished nautical look. Our passerelles can be built with a single rail or with rails on both sides.

Attachment to the boat can vary with your vessel. A one inch aluminum plug which allows the passerelle to pivot is the most common solution but there are many others, including internal cases and fold-up hinges.
The final touch in a GMT custom passerelle is the excellent finish that will complement any yacht, with the carbon structure painted to match or accent your vessel.

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