Ralph Lauren Goes Hi-tech

Most people who have seen Ralph Lauren Polo furniture ads probably think about western cabins, cowboy artifacts and rustic settings. But that’s not the whole collection. In fact, GMT has supplied carbon composite tabletops and credenza frames for some of the most ultra-modern and high-tech furniture on the market.

The Polo dining table features a 102”x42” top of cored carbon laminate that’s just 5/8” thick; top and bottom faces reveal the distinctive carbon fiber twill that’s a signature for high technology these days. As thin as it is, the tabletop can support a 300-pound load: that’s a pretty heavy meal.

The matching 70-inch long credenza features a GMT cored-carbon laminate panel in a single, continuous piece. This encloses black-painted oak cabinetry.

The coring in both is engineered for sturdy yet virtually invisible connections. The solution is unique and the overall appearance striking, a demonstration of the versatility of our materials.