Two Hinckley’s Get New Spars

Stefano Pacini loves his Hinckley 51, Galileo, and now he has an ulterior reason as well. Just in time for the Marion-Bermuda Race, he took delivery of a new GMT carbon fiber mast. He’d wanted to improve his sailing performance and comfort and, with our help, determined that the best upgrade would be one of our spars. The proof came in Bermuda: he beat his father and brother-in-law, who were racing a Hinckley 52.

Chris Culver faced a different situation on his Hinckley 59, Cetacea: his aluminum Sto-way mast had been damaged and he was considering replacing it with another. But, we were able to show him that a GMT carbon furling spar would be a better solution, only 20% more in initial cost but stronger and much lighter in weight. So he enjoys the additional benefit of a lower healing moment. The finish of our carbon spar is lower in maintenance and long lasting. Chris has since logged happy miles, including racing to Bermuda (Second in Class B) and going on the NYYC Cruise in Maine.