Boarding Options

GMT’s carbon composites are useful in producing custom gangways, passerelles, boarding/swimming ladders and sea stairs for yachts. Their strength yet light weight makes them easier to deploy and retrieve; and their beautiful low-maintenance finish complements the most glamorous yachts.

GMT has engineered lightweight, yet strong versions of these elaborate gangways for yachts from 60 feet up. The concept originated back in 1994 when we were asked by the captain of a 125 footer to build a passerelle that would be lighter and easier to deploy than the yacht's aluminum unit. We then realized that the advantages of our custom design/build solutions equally applied to boarding ladders as well as mega-yacht side stairways.

Sectional Gangway
These units are built in custom lengths for easy storage. They typically connect with each other by tongue-in-groove joints and are fastened with quick release pins.

Bi-fold Gangway
Alloy hinges allow these carbon passerelles to fold together for storage. Deployment can include provision for topping lift lines from spars or aft deck superstructure.

Telescoping Gangway
Manual retraction systems provide a two piece unit that combines strength with space saving economy.

Single Piece Gangway
If space permits, this style can be the best solution. It is the lightest alternative and can be deployed very rapidly.

Aesthetically superior to anodized aluminum units, painted composite finishes hold up much better and add grace and elegance to an otherwise ordinary yacht function. Choices of deck treatment include teak grate, teak decking, painted composite deck (for ultimate weight reduction) and composite with teak or non-skid treads.

Boarding Ladders
Custom folding ladders feature laminated teak/carbon treads harmonizing with the crisp look of clear finished carbon frames.

Sea Stairs
These units are great when you want to walk down stairs onto a dock or to board a tender. The angle of the unit can be adjusted to reach docks of different heights yet the stairs and lower platform always stay horizontal. The units fold up flush to the hull when not in use or, since they are so light, they can be easily removed and stowed for longer passages. Many options are available, so let us know what will work for you

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