Robotic & Machine Parts

GMT carbon composites allow us to build lightweight yet very stiff parts to extremely accurate tolerances. These parts have minimal deflection, even with extreme shapes, to permit very precise production work.

The effectors at the end of a robotic arm have to be light so that the arm can be accelerated quickly.They must be stiff so they do not vibrate or hit parts being produced.

Effectors made from carbon/epoxy can often be used to upgrade a robotic production system. The composite parts allow the unit to operate at higher throughputs and reduce production costs.

GMT has worked with several companies making robotics to manufacture and test products ranging from jewel cases for CD’s to 450mm silicone wafers. We have also replaced heavy steel rolls on paper cutting machinery with carbon. The low inertia of the carbon rolls allows the machine to cut shorter pieces at a more rapid rate.

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