GMT PowerFurl™ Furling Booms
GMT has developed a furling boom for boats from 45ft to 120ft. We wanted to build a good looking boom that uses today’s newest technology. A mandrel-driven motor, installed within the boom itself, allows for use of a low profile sailtrack and does not require a through-the -mast mandrel. Our system permits reefing through a wide range of wind angles, where through-the-mast systems are easily jammed. A collaboration between GMT Composites, John Alden Design and High Modulus has produced a very easy and effective way to manage large mainsails without losing performance.

GMT’s new in-boom roller-furling combines engineering refinement, weight reduction and aesthetics. Our carbon composite furling booms, now being custom built for 45 to 90 ft yachts (structural engineering completed for larger yachts), are about half the weight of comparable aluminum systems. They have a distinctively sleek profile drawn for us by John G. Alden Design.

Our composite furling booms have unique features superior to other furling booms. The boom’s forward end is open so there’s no place for the sail to snag. We’ve eliminated the shaft running through the mast, plus the requisite universal joint. There’s no unsightly drum on the front of the mast, nor a hole in the mast that weakens it. For safety and convenience the main can be furled on any point of sail. The sail can be raised, whether head to wind or beam reaching.

GMT Pocket Boom
GMT led the way in developing this type of boom which employs the traditional “park avenue” approach but then takes advantage of the space under the platform to create a shell that the sail can neatly and conveniently fall into while reefing or for storage. This type boom allows for any type mainsail, including those with full-length battens, for optimum boat performance while helping to manage large mainsails. With this type of boom, it is easy to cover the mainsail the at the end of the day, using a zippered fabric enclosure.

Conventional GMT Booms
This D-section has an appearance similar to the typical mast shape and is made in a similar fashion. All lugs, exits and pad eyes are placed in reinforced areas of the boom for maximum strength and safety. This type of boom will weigh half as much as a similar sized aluminum boom. Round sections are also available.

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